The name Equilore is derived from Equus Lorem, which means Therapy Horses. After more than ten years of work experience in the field of psychology and horsemanship, I decided to combine my passion for horses and career in psychology and founded Equilore in 2017. I believe the power of working with horses lies within the fact that not everything has to be discussed verbally, but that learning takes place, not through talking per se but through gaining an experience and processing thoughts and emotions through interaction, engagement and being with the horses.

At Equilore, I provide a professional service where people can grow and enhance their self-awareness, confidence, emotional well being and acquire new skills. Equine therapy is great for improving communication skills, social skills, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, relationship building and attitude changes. This is because the horse is a big and imposing animal who responds mainly through non-verbal communication, like body language.

Please contact me (Loes Koorenhof) for more information or for an informal chat about what services may be most suitable for you. Along with my horses I am here to help you improve your understanding of your personal journey and life experiences.

Equilore is based in Launton, Oxfordshire, where I provide psychotherapy, counselling and coaching in the form of equine assisted learning (EFL) and psychotherapy (EFP) to young people and adults. For more details on EFL and EFP click on the links.

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