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Equilore ( provides Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), a nature-based form of mental health support where people learn new things through experiencing. We work with a range of people from children to adults, from those suffering with extreme anxiety, loss, trauma, relationship breakdown, mental health problems as well as providing a positive therapeutic approach for those suffering with long term or terminal illness.

Horses mirror our emotions and, therefore, it is not always necessary to verbally express the struggles we face. In this respect, equine therapy forms an alternative to talking therapies which can become imperative to those who feel so overwhelmed they are unable to verbalise what they face.

We are a new, small charity, just 20 months old but we have seen significant growth – more than doubling our staff, premises and income (circa £50k p/a). 

We now look for new trustees to support the continued strategic development and growth of the charity and help us meet the growing demand for our services. 

We welcome applications that will help us to diversify in terms of age profile, skills, experience and background and we are particularly interested in applicants who can demonstrate they have one or more of the following skills or experience categories-

  • Business, strategic and leadership appropriate to the Equilore’s business
  • Financial and/or accountancy skills and experience to help us plan in response to our growth
  • Digital marketing skills to help us improve our social media presence
  • Publicity to help us maximise our profile both across our region and nationally, 
  • Other skills and experience demonstrably beneficial to the Equilore’s activities 

If you wish to have an informal chat prior to application, contact:

Loes Koorenhof, Director and Founder at or 

Felicity Mallam, Chair of Trustees at

Please send your CV and an introductory email to

Corona virus update 

‘In the light on recent government advice on the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, Equilore will currently not run group sessions. 1:1 sessions will continue to go ahead at this stage provided clients do not report any of the listed symptoms. As a precaution, close contact (i.e. handshakes) will be avoided for the time being.’

Therapy horse receives donation from Cumber Family Charitable Trust

Back in July, Gerry’s fate at Equilore became unsure when his owners circumstances changed and there was talk of rehoming him. A very determined and passionate 12 year old client, who had been working with Gerry intensively wasn’t going to see Gerry being taken away from the job he is so perfect for and wrote a grant application to the Cumber Family Charitable Trust, telling them about how working with Gerry has helped him and could help others in the future.
Yesterday, Gerry received £500 pounds towards the work he does therapeutically. An amazing achievement from this young person! Feeling very thankful!
See how he is actually shaking hands with us?!

Filling the gap in service provision for children affected by cancer.

In 2020, The Hummingbird Centre will start a collaboration with Equilore with the aim to provide supporting service for children who have been affected by cancer.

An innovative new project to support children whose lives have been affected by cancer is up and running.

The team, led by Hummingbird volunteer Emma Iley, have worked with outside agencies and schools across Bicester to ensure the service meets all government regulations as well as the needs of the young people.

It will be available to all children and parents can access it through the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinators (SENDCo) at schools.

At weekly sessions in the Launton based centre, young people will meet others going through a similar experience and will take part in a range of activities designed to help them work through their emotions and build confidence and self-esteem.

These will include arts and crafts, sessions at DoJo Sports Centre with sports coach Laura Scarlett, PSHE sessions, counselling and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy at Equilore.

Ms Iley, who is also a teacher, said: “Being affected by cancer is, unfortunately, a situation many of us have to deal with and sadly children are not routinely offered support by the National Health Service.

“It’s really important that children get to spend time with others going through similar experiences, so that they won’t feel isolated or alone. This can help them to normalise and understand the myriad of emotions which they may be feeling.

“The team at the Hummingbird felt a dedicated service was desperately needed and have worked with schools and external agencies to make it happen. Together we have created an all-encompassing service aimed at helping young people cope with the situations they are encountering.”

Pam Cotter, a SENDCo at Bure Park Primary School, welcomed the service.

She said: “Prior to the Hummingbird’s innovative provision for young people, there was a gap in specialist provision for those whose lives had been affected either directly, or indirectly, by Cancer. There was limited support for the young people in our community and the Hummingbird centre now addresses this through their collaboration with local schools. They offer young people a safe haven in which to escape from emotional pressures, to speak about their worries or concerns, and to celebrate a loved one’s life. The Hummingbird’s aspirational model of working has changed all of that now through this new dedicated children’s service – I think it’s inspirational!”

One of the services children will be able to take part in is specialist equine therapy, a combination of psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and working together with horses to help process thoughts and emotions.

Dr Loes Koorenhof, owner of Equilore Equine Therapy and Learning, said: “Our aim is to facilitate a connection between young people and the horses which helps them build confidence and self-esteem.

“People who have participated in sessions with the horses report feeling more calm and grounded which helps create a distance between them and the problem they have been facing.”

Blog: Night-mares and dream horses: how horses can help facilitate improved sleep

Blog written for Child Brain Injury Trust.

Equilore is now on the services guide of the Child Brain Injury Trust.CBITlogo

Do you or someone you know suffer from acquired brain injury and want some help dealing with the adjustments and changes in your life? Some equine assisted learning or therapy sessions may help. Check out how Equilore may be of use to you and read the blog on the CBIT website click here.

Equilore features in Midland Horse Magazine!

To read the full story to Equilore click here.


Service provision list

You can now find Equilore on the Service Provision list of The Hummingbird Centre, a wonderful charity that welcomes anyone who is or has been affected by cancer. Offering support to people on their own journey and those who are caring for people on their journey. This video explains what The Hummingbird Centre is all about.

Family Information Directory

Equilore is now on Oxfordshire County Council’s family Information Directory, and hoping to welcome any children and families who feel they might benefits from equine therapy in the future!


Chartered Psychologist Loes Koorenhof, PhD, will be giving a presentation about

The hummingbird centre

why horses are such great therapy tools. She will answer questions like What is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy? Why work with horses? and many more!

The presentation will take place at The Hummingbird Centre,

Launton on the 6th of March and the 5th of April at 11.30 am. This wonderful charity provides cancer support and a wide variety of therapies. The Hummingbird Centre