‘I was keen to try an alternative therapy methods and welcomed a recommendation to take part in equine assisted therapy with Loes.
Loes provided a safe and calming environment to bond with the horse which allowed me to reflect on, understand and address various problems.
Although open minded I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the horses response and the connection we developed, finding the experience to be thoroughly rewarding.
Loes made me feel at ease throughout the sessions (especially the first time I nervously ventured in to the field with these beautiful but rather large animals!).
Equilore represents a new and interesting way of approaching therapy and I would recommend anyone looking for something a bit different to get in touch with Loes’.

I did the 8 week EFP course with Loes Koorenhof at the end of last year beginning of 2018. Due to illness I was struggling with low self esteem and confidence with my new horse Thunder. Sadly, I lost my mare Hannah last June, we had 17 fantastic years together, she died 2 days before her 27th birthday. The course with Loes was amazing.
I will be honest it took a bit to understand what EFP is. Loes is so professional and kind and puts you at complete ease. She helped me in so many ways, to deal with what life throws at you. When you get to working one to one to one with the horses, it is an amazing feeling and is an emotional experience. The response from the horse is fantastic and the course has helped me so much in day to day life and given me back the confidence in myself and my horse. Loes, thank you very much for everything.

Sue and Thunder


I had three sessions with Loes and found it a very powerful experience, so much more than I was expecting. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a different perspective, it really does open up a new way of thinking about issues and the connection with the horses is truly an amazing experience. Something that will stay with me for a long time, I was very surprised at how much impact it has had on me. Thank you so much, Loes.