Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

At Equilore Therapy and Learning I provide psychotherapy, counselling and coaching tailored to your needs. Feel free to call Dr. Loes Koorenhof for a informal chat to discuss your needs and musts.

Anxiety – Learn to regulate your emotions through breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises. Learn the effects of synchronising your breathing patterns with the horse and witness the effects of changing your breathing in the horse. Having this direct feedback available from the horse helps you experience a sense of connection to the horse through breathing together.

Depression/ Low mood – Understand how your thoughts affect your emotions. Let the horse mirror your feelings. Learn to synchronise your breathing to help you calm down your arousal levels and therefore create space to think more clearly. Learn how to take control by acknowledging your needs.

Autism Spectrum – Learn social skills (how do I come across and how does someone else interpret that). Learn to ‘be’ and spend time with the horses, generating confidence by creating a safe space. Learn to communicate with others. Learn to identify feelings and emotions in yourself and others. Learn to trust your abilities and gain confidence.

Trauma (incl. PTSD, Abuse, Event related trauma) Trauma processing. Learn how a trauma is impacting in your current situation. Learn breathing exercises to help calm down your nervous system. Learn to connect. Create a narrative of events in your life. Sense how your emotions are manifested in your body.

Acquired brain injury (ABI) – Help to process the changes caused by ABI to your life. Become aware of cognitive difficulties you maybe experiencing and working with you to find your strengths and work with them. Gain insights into the changing role of family members in the context of the client.  Let the connection with the horse assist in coming to terms with the loss of cognitive abilities and grieve loss of your old self.

Relationship Therapy – Learn more about your relationship dynamics, and discover what works well and what is not working so well. Gain insight into your role within the relationship and how certain changes can affect the dynamic or your relationship.

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