Equine Therapy: How does it work?

During an EFP/L session you will get the opportunity to meet and connect with different horses. You will work with the horse that you feel the strongest connection with. Together, we will explore several exercises which involve gentle interaction with the horses to whatever degree you are comfortable. This could be gently stroking the horse, grooming, or leading the horse around some obstacles.

When you are working with the horses, I observe the interaction between you and the horse. Because horse do not judge or even have an agenda, their reaction to you is very pure, they react your body language and intentions only. Following each exercise, I will help you to interpret the horse’s behaviour towards you.  I will observe how the horse interacts with you, which can provide valuable insights.

Equine assisted learning and therapy exercises are mostly carried out from the ground. You do not need any previous experience with horses to take part and the exercises do not involve riding. There are different protocols depending on your needs.

In contrast to room based therapy, the benefits from the equine assisted approach comes from ‘experiential learning’ instead of verbally expressing your thoughts which can sometimes be difficult.