Equilore’s Elsie attends Bicester Festival Parade

Elsie joined the Bicester Festival 2022 parade on Saturday 16 July, promoting Equilore and the work she does with her colleague horses supporting young people and adults with their mental health.

The theme of the parade was mythical creatures so Elsie came as Pegasus and we dressed as elves.

Elsie in Bicester Festival parade 2022

We decided in the end that the weather would be okay for us to go. There was a cool breeze and we were well looked after by the St John’s Ambulance who offered us all water!

Loes and Elsie in Garth Park

The Festival was organised by OYAP Trust and there were lots of other organisations supporting young people. We are looking forward to future collaborations!

Elsie meeting people at Bicester Festival 2022